VA Siamese Anthology I SIAMESE003 2017 dh

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artist : VA
title . Siamese Anthology I
type : EP
year . 2017
genre : House
subgenre . Deep House
label : Siamese
cat . SIAMESE003
encoder . LAME 3.99
quality : 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
source . WEB

01.Adriatique - Something In Between 7:13
02.Lehar And Olderic - Il Sole 7:00
03.Shiffer - Drunk On Hope 7:29
04.Toto Chiavetta - Monkey Mind 7:20

29:02 min 69.78 Mb


In February 2017 Siamese will come back with its 3rd record - the first
part of the Siamese Anthology! As we mentioned before, Siamese will not
just be a platform for beautiful music but should also a playground for
different kinds of art. As you might have already noticed, our artworks are
images of hand-crafted pieces and with this Various Artists EP we are
taking things one step further. Every track gets its very own artwork and
all four artworks will be included as 30x30cm sized prints inside the first
run of the vinyl! The A1 cut 'Something In Between' by ourselves is
starting off this EP. Right about one year ago when we worked on a first
attempt of our debut album we didn't quite came to an end a few tracks
stayed with us. This is one of them and we felt the intro character of it
is a good way to lead into this series. A2 is delivered by our close friend
and partner Lehar who teamed up with Olderic, a respected DJ, producer and
promoter from north Italy who is around since quite a while (check out his
Cirq club in Venice). Their contribution 'Il Sole' follows the melodic
route initiated by 'Something In Between'. On the flip side we finally get
the chance to introduce Shiffer, a young and very talented musician from
Basel. 'Drunk On Hope' demonstrates groove, emotion, depth and much more
that makes it the perfect pick for B1. Watch out for more to come from him
on Siamese! Closing the EP on B2 is 'Monkey Mind' by Toto Chiavetta. 2016
was a great year for Toto, what an awesome album on Yoruba followed by a
trippy-afro-house Record on Innervisions. 'Monkey Mind' continues exactly
there, straight forward Groove without any compromises. Enjoy. Adriatique


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If you're down with the deep house music, music with feeling..
music that makes you groove no matter where you are.. and you
think you can add to this feeling.. then drop us a line [email protected]
keep the feeling real. . d e e p h o u s e 2 0 1 7 .

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