VA Chris Liebing Live In Beograd 2CD 2005 HSA

Va - Chris Liebing Live In Beograd-2cd-2005-Hsa

Release Date.: 07/28/2006
Store Date...: 07/25/2005
Source.......: CDDA
Style........: Techno
Record Label.: Rough Trade
Cat Nr.......: n/a
Encoder......: Lame 3.97 Beta 2
Quality......: VBRkbps Joint-44,1

01.Chris Liebing Live In Beograd-Cd1-Hsa 72:49
02.Chris Liebing Live In Beograd-Cd2-Hsa 72:37

145:26 min
169,6 MB
release notes
Nice techno set recorded on 19 th of May 2005 in Beograd KPGT!

CD Number: 380.2002.2



CD1-01 Function The Balance Of Power (Olga & Jozef Remix)
Remix - Olga+Jozef
CD1-02 Eric Sneo Break On Though (3:40)
CD1-03 Hardcell Armada (5:26)
CD1-04 W. Jrg Henze Remain (4:36)
CD1-05 Tearz Life On Tokyo (Cave Remix) (4:06)
Remix - Cave
CD1-06 Olivier Giacomotto + Alec Marqx Split (5:24)
CD1-07 Aural Emote Fifth Column (Ben Sims Remix) (3:18)
Remix - Ben Sims
CD1-08 Felipe & Nicolas Bacher Black Virgin (4:49)
CD1-09 Aural Emote Second Thought (Vince Watson Remix) (5:14)
Remix - Vince Watson
CD1-10 Mhonolink Further Funkshunz (1:42)
CD1-11 Alex Bau Swelling Sirens (3:46)
CD1-12 Anxious, The + DJ Preach Message From Your Mother (4:28)
CD1-13 Olivier Giacomotto Playground (4:20)
CD1-14 Los 3 Brasileros Vivo (Eric Sneo Remix) (5:00)
Remix - Eric Sneo
CD1-15 Henrik B Manwolf (Liebing Remix) (7:48)
Remix - Chris Liebing
CD1-16 Alex Bau CLAU 09 A1 (4:38)
CD1-17 Patrik Skoog Xtro (2:15)

CD2 :

CD2-01 Patrik Skoog Xtro (2:25)
CD2-02 Tim Xavier Ode to Rush (4:34)
CD2-03 Frank Biazzi Fiction (4:13)
CD2-04 Joey Beltram Intermission (3:26)
CD2-05 Speedy J + Chris Liebing Trezcore (6:14)
CD2-06 Chris Liebing Live Bits (3:31)
CD2-07 Hardcell Square (5:56)
CD2-08 Speedy J + Chris Liebing Tunox (Early Edit) (7:12)
CD2-09 Petar Dundov Dynamo (4:35)
CD2-10 Olivier Giacomotto + Alec Marqx First Second (6:04)
CD2-11 Cave Timetables (5:34)
CD2-12 Eric Sneo Big It Up (4:50)
CD2-13 Phil Kieran Alloy Mental (Chris Liebing Remix) (7:05)
Remix - Chris Liebing
CD2-14 Alex Bau Unpleasant Surprise (6:51)


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