Anthony Rother We Are The Future STR003 EP 2019

entangle: (verb)
involve (someone) in difficulties or complicated circumstances
from which it is difficult to escape.

ARTIST.....: Anthony Rother
TITLE......: We Are The Future
LABEL......: Rekids Ltd
CATNUM.....: STR003
GENRE......: Techno
RIP DATE...: 2019-10-03
RETAIL DATE: 2019-10-04
RUNTIME....: 40:00
TRACKS.....: 5
SIZE.......: 92MB
QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)

01. We Are The Future 11:27
02. Super Future Metropolis 08:03
03. The Message 05:29
04. We Are The Future (D-Cut) 09:49
05. The Message (Space Mix) 05:12

Anthony Rother is an electronic music composer, producer and
label owner living in Frankfurt, Germany.Rother's electro sound
is characterized by repetitive machine-like beats, robotic,
vocoder-driven vocals, melancholy, futuristic mood and lyrics
that often deal with the consequences of technological progress,
the relationship between humans and machines, and the role of
computers in society.In addition to electro, Rother also composes
dark ambient music. He has also produced music for Sven Vath and
DJ Hell. Currently, Anthony Rother concentrates on the creation
of electro house music.

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00-anthony_rother-we_are_the_future-(str003)-ep-web-2019.nfo1 489
00-anthony_rother-we_are_the_future-(str003)-ep-web-2019.jpg41 194
01-anthony_rother-we_are_the_future-72ece105.mp327 587 640
02-anthony_rother-super_future_metropolis-682d942d.mp319 421 968
03-anthony_rother-the_message-637f6683.mp313 239 369
04-anthony_rother-we_are_the_future_(d-cut)-41d6a432.mp323 652 815
05-anthony_rother-the_message_(space_mix)-2cca24eb.mp312 566 852


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