Nausea Amargo Alquitran BMRSD014 2019

entangle: (verb)
involve (someone) in difficulties or complicated circumstances
from which it is difficult to escape.

ARTIST.....: Nausea
TITLE......: Amargo Alquitran
LABEL......: Broken Mind Recordings
GENRE......: Techno
RIP DATE...: 2019-09-22
RETAIL DATE: 2019-09-23
RUNTIME....: 30:04
TRACKS.....: 4
SIZE.......: 69.4MB
QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)

01. Vociferan Entre Escombros (Original Mix) 09:45
02. Fuerza Disruptiva (Original Mix) 07:55
03. Pieles Incineradas (Original Mix) 06:24
04. Sierpe Desnuda (Original Mix) 06:00

Nausea was an American crust punk band from New York City, active
from 1985-1992. Nausea is usually cited as being integral in the
rise of American crust punk, a fusion of anarcho-punk and thrash
metal styles.Like many anarcho-punk bands of the period, Nausea
incorporated both male and female vocalists. They were involved
in the New York City Lower East Side squatting community. Their
earlier sound with singers Amy Miret and Neil Robinson was in the
vein of traditional hardcore punk. After Robinson's departure in
1988, he was replaced by Al Long and the band began to experiment
with a darker, heavier sound. Robinson went on to form the bands
Jesus Crust and Final Warning, as well as start Tribal War

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02-nausea-fuerza_disruptiva_(original_mix)-05a6e4d6.mp319 148 065
03-nausea-pieles_incineradas_(original_mix)-1e031645.mp315 492 492
04-nausea-sierpe_desnuda_(original_mix)-3e42587f.mp314 567 870