Club Baby Babycore Pt 2 Schranz Remixes FEIERBALL004R 2003 sweet

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Release No: 0045 Rating 0
Artist: Club Baby 8
Title: Babycore Pt 2 Schranz Remixes Edition 7
Record label: Feierball (FEIERBALL004R) 6
Genre: Techno 5
Release date: 2003/12/09 4
Street date: 2003/??/?? 3
Media type: vinyl [x] tape [ ] cd [ ] radio [ ] 1
cover [ ] sfv [x] m3u [x] cue [ ]

[04 tracks] [23:04 min] [ 31,7 mb]

## Time Artist - Title

A1 5:44 Club Baby - Babycore (Noise Production Rmx Pt 1)
A2 5:49 Club Baby - Babycore (Noise Production Rmx Pt 2)
B1 5:40 Club Baby - Babycore (Felix Kroecher Floor Rmx)
B2 5:51 Club Baby - Babycore (Chris Noise Ranking Show Rmx)

It aint geting much better then this .
Chris Noise is da man .
The B side is fucking slamming.

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b2-club_baby-babycore_(chris_noise_ranking_show_rmx)-sweet.mp38 439 350