Blame The Mono London Accent CEP009 16BIT FLAC 2024ED

1st track preview 📣

Artist(s).....:: Blame The Mono
Album.........:: London Accent
Genre.........:: Techno
Date..........:: 02.10.2024
Encoder.......:: FLAC
Quality.......:: 16bit / 911kbps / 44,1Khz / Stereo
Track(s)......:: 04
Size..........:: 127,45MB
Language......:: English
Source........:: WEB
Label.........:: CEP Records
Catalognr.....:: CEP009

01.London Accent (Kneebreaker Mix) [04:45]
02.London Accent (Industrial Mix) [04:40]
03.London Accent (riko Remix) [05:20]
04.London Accent (Hermeth Remix) [04:40]

Playtime : 19:25 Min

Making a remarkable step onto the CEP booth, Blame The Mono introduces
their debut with a magnetic collection of two game changing original
tracks. This release not only displays the duo's creative capabilities but
also features melting remixes from Hermeth and the label head riko.

The release kicks off with the 'Kneebreaker Mix', showcasing a top-tier
interplay of reese bass. The pushing bassline and dynamic vocals provide
the track with its living strength. In addition to the effects, the
midsection break-beat mirrors the timeless sound of Blame The Mono,
showering the listener with unmistakable recognition value. Coming up next
is likely the standout piece from the release. The 'Industrial Mix'
manifests as a 117 BPM break, highlighting an remarkable synergy of
hitting kicks, spicy drums, and leading vocals. This track radiates a rock
and metal-inspired vibe, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Opening the B-Side
is rikos trance-infused remix, featuring consistent vocal shots from the
original and a galloping bassline. In addition to the dub chords, the
monotonous melody assumes control during the significant break in the
middle, contributing a hypnotic quality to the track. Wrapping up the
release, Hermeth introduces a techno-infused remix, characterized by
powerful classic chords and a driving bass that sets the tone on the
dancefloor. The original vocal and lead elements illuminate the track,
firing it up with a distinctive flavor.

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04-blame_the_mono-london_accent__hermeth_remix.flac31 765 683