Moteka As We Fought The Iron Giants 2019

Artist(s) .........:: Moteka
Title .............:: As We Fought the Iron Giants

Genre .............:: Techno
Record Label ......:: Skryptom Records
Catalogue Number ..:: SKRPT41

Source ............:: WEB
Quality ...........:: 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration ..........:: 01:09:45 (161.MB)
Release Date ......:: 12-07-2019
Support ...........::

Tracklist .........::

1. Once Upon The Time... 5:10
2. TCX 2290 6:20
3. Ghost In The Machine 5:14
4. Sleeping Giants 5:51
5. The Awakening 6:27
6. Marching Robots 5:18
7. Limbo 4:05
8. First Encounter 6:10
9. Wounded 4:29
10.Secret Weapon 6:43
11.Final Confrontation 7:09
12.Peace At Last 6:49

Release Note ......::

As we fought Iron Giants is Moteka debut album on the french techno label

Its a 12 tracks travelling between electronica and techno weapons.

Once upon a time in a distant place and in a distant time, lived a boy named
Leon. Leon grew up in a land where legends of past battles between humans and
machines, lead by the fierce TCX2290, were strong. It was said victory of the
humans over the robots was conducted by the mighty General Ostkrf III. Leon
did not go along well with the other children, and spent most of his time
alone, exploring the country side, imagining he was the General fighting for
human survival. One day, he discovered remains of what seemed to be a hidden
sleeping robot, and accidentally triggered its awakening. It was not long
before a small army of these Iron Giants were marching towards Leons village.
Caught in a limbo, Leon had no idea what to do. He tried to stop them but was
wounded during the first encounter. Recovering from his wounds, General Ostkrf
III appeared to him in his dreams, and taught him the secret of the Smart
Weapon. Eventually, the Iron Giants were defeated by Leon and his Smart Weapon
during a final confrontation. Peace was back, but nobody never knew that Leon
was their savior, for everything was just part of his imagination.

"As we fought Iron Giants" is the soundtrack to the story of ourselves not
wanting to leave childhood and fighting imaginary demons, as we grow into
adults. Music in itself is a mean of therapy and channeling the tremendous
amount of ones imagination.