System of Ice Siren Acid BEATS0202 2023 SUNBEAM

1st track preview 📣


Artist : System of Ice
Album : Siren Acid
Source : WEB
Genre : Techno
Retail Date : 2023-01-09
Release Date: 2023-01-10
Label : Beats HD
Cat-No : BEATS0202
Encoder : LAME3.99r
Bitrate : 320 kbit/s
Tracks : 2
Size : 25 MB
Playtime : 10:49

01. Siren Acid 05:42
02. Killing in the Name of Acid 05:07

Archive's content
filenamesize, bytes
00-system_of_ice-siren_acid-(beats0202)-web-2023.jpg24 676
01-system_of_ice-siren_acid-93982f43.mp313 684 864
02-system_of_ice-killing_in_the_name_of_acid-c781b270.mp312 304 512

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