Analect Dont Stop MIT013 2022

Artist(s).....:: Analect
Album.........:: Don't Stop
Genre.........:: Techno
Date..........:: 22-09-2022
Encoder.......:: LAME 3.100
Quality.......:: 320kbps / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Track(s)......:: 4
Size..........:: 56.2MB
Language......:: English
Source........:: WEB (WAV)
Label.........:: Moments In Time
Catalognr.....:: MIT013


1. Don't Stop [ 5:26 ]
2. Don't Stop (B2 Remix) [ 5:26 ]
3. Stop The Party [ 6:04 ]
4. Warp Speed [ 7:03 ]

Playtime : 23:59 Min

With recent releases on Sindex, Under Division, Crusade, Otomo Trax & Insane
Industry, Analect is quickly making waves in the underground scene with his
forward- thinking sound. His next release 'Don't Stop' will be on the
Manchester-native vinyl imprint label Moments In Time, featuring three striking
original cuts, accompanied by a standout remix from German artist B2. Swinging
the door wide open with a furiously potent peak-time cut is title track 'Dont
Stop'. Riding a solid base of hammering kicks and blistering hat grooves, the
track's rave-inspired synth lead and subtly acidic low-frequency elements bring
a darkened atmosphere to the mix to match its ominous vocal hook. German
DJ/Producer B2 follows with his rendition of the title track, serving a generous
portion of industrial elements, its high-octane energy and bottom-heavy beats
deliver a hair-raising dancefloor experience. 'Stop The Party' comes next,
keeping the tempo high and the rhythms explicitly weighty. More hammering drums
and electrifying hat sequences pave the way for sawing synth licks and
trance-like leads, whilst a hardcore-inspired vox laces the mix with a nostalgic
'90s hardcore feel. The release comes to a firm close on 'Warp Speed',
completing a quad of driving Industrial Techno bombs. Much like its
predecessors, its fusion of Hardcore, Rave and even PsyTrance elements showcase
the extent of Analect's unparalleled sonic signature and vision - marking an
impressive full solo MIT debut from the rising Mancunian!

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02-analect-dont_stop__b2_remix.mp313 392 072
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