Altinbas And Cirkle Cynical Moves EP VOLT009 2022

1st track preview 📣

Artist(s).....:: Altinbas & Cirkle
Album.........:: Cynical Moves EP
Genre.........:: Techno
Date..........:: 21-09-2022
Encoder.......:: LAME 3.100
Quality.......:: 320kbps / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Track(s)......:: 4
Size..........:: 51.1MB
Language......:: English
Source........:: WEB (FLAC)
Label.........:: Voltage
Catalognr.....:: VOLT009


1. Cynical Moves [ 5:49 ]
2. Dawn [ 5:21 ]
3. Divergence [ 5:14 ]
4. Nightwalker [ 5:18 ]

Playtime : 21:42 Min

VOLTAGE Imprint closes of its single digit releases with a fine taste,
club-focused EP by Altinbas & Cirkle: Cynical Moves.

The duo tears open the EP with a clean-cut & high momentum mind-twister,
Cynical Moves, setting the tone for whats to come. While the pace and energy
pick in the 2nd track, the signature tunneling thrive these 2 artists inarguable
master, is ever-present. Like a cat carrying her kitten by the neck, it lifts
you up, controls you and drops you off elsewhere.

The B side starts off with the track named Divergence. A rambling pulsation,
rhythmically building up towards another hypnotic wobbler. Like a bandit who
acts during the night, the EPs closing track Nightwalker entails a certain
nervous- & obscureness. Though the sharp drum patterns and hints of acid make
this piece a great fit for refined dance floors as well.

Archive's content
filenamesize, bytes
00-altinbas_and_cirkle-cynical_moves_ep-volt009-web-2022.nfo1 754
00-altinbas_and_cirkle-cynical_moves_ep-volt009-web-2022.jpg362 873
01-altinbas_and_cirkle-cynical_moves.mp314 352 086
02-altinbas_and_cirkle-dawn.mp313 208 967
03-altinbas_and_cirkle-divergence.mp312 952 967
04-altinbas_and_cirkle-nightwalker.mp313 112 837

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