Conceptual Null Respekt LP 2020

Artist(s) .........:: Conceptual
Title .............:: Null Respekt LP

Genre .............:: Techno
Record Label ......:: Warm Up Recordings
Catalogue Number ..:: WU63D

Source ............:: WEB
Quality ...........:: 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration ..........:: 00:49:42 (114.MB)
Release Date ......:: 05-06-2020
Support ...........::

Tracklist .........::

1. Red Sun 5:18
2. Basilisk 4:52
3. Nocturnal 4:46
4. Blue Spirit 4:37
5. Upside Down 4:42
6. Healing Dance 5:12
7. More Wants More 4:20
8. Paradise Of Poets 4:49
9. Tasmanian Devil 4:42
10.Null Respekt 6:24

Release Note ......::

Here you have the new sound voyage in our digital branch. Again showcasing a
long distance travel in the form of an album.
It is really inspiring to find that there are young producers out there like
that are pushing the boundaries and trying to sound futuristic and original in
this mediochre instagram days.
This is the case of Conceptual, half of the Berlin based duo Beat Movement.
He offers ten diverse approaches to scifi techno, ranging from the cinematic
Red Sun and Null Respekt to the dynamic and floor oriented numbers like
Basilisk, Nocturnal or Blue Spirit. To the twisted and abstract Upside Down,
Healing Dance or More wants more ...or the tribal and shuffled exercises like
Paradise of Poets and Tasmanian Devil.
As we said, original, risky, futuristic, and carefully done by a young producer
that will have for sure a lot more to showcase in the coming years.

Archive's content
filenamesize, bytes
00-conceptual-null_respekt_lp-web-2020.nfo1 916
01-conceptual-red_sun.mp312 826 954
02-conceptual-basilisk.mp311 792 505
03-conceptual-nocturnal.mp311 578 301
04-conceptual-blue_spirit.mp311 199 003
05-conceptual-upside_down.mp311 399 624
06-conceptual-healing_dance.mp312 585 583
07-conceptual-more_wants_more.mp310 537 583
08-conceptual-paradise_of_poets.mp311 697 419
09-conceptual-tasmanian_devil.mp311 399 624
10-conceptual-null_respekt.mp315 465 321

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