Loco Dice Sweet Nectar Blossom ENC004D 2020

entangle: (verb)
involve (someone) in difficulties or complicated circumstances
from which it is difficult to escape.

ARTIST.....: Loco Dice
TITLE......: Sweet Nectar Blossom
LABEL......: En Couleur
CATNUM.....: ENC004D
GENRE......: Techno
RIP DATE...: 2020-05-21
RETAIL DATE: 2020-05-22
RUNTIME....: 15:23
TRACKS.....: 3
SIZE.......: 36.14MB
QUALITY....: CBR 320kbps 44.1kHz Stereo
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)
URL........: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bwzqzuyv5m7mxmtqop4iogbovaq

01. Believe in Me 04:59
02. Kanak Funk 05:16
03. Sweet Nectar Blossom 05:08

Loco Dice DJ and electronic music producer born in Dusseldorf,
Germany as the son of Tunisian immigrants.The roots of his love
for music stem from hearing soul and funk in the kitchen, and
holidays with his mother in Tunisia. During these trips, he
absorbed North African and Middle Eastern folk music influences.
He also snuck away to watch his grandfather playing backgammon on
the streets where he managed to walk away with enough pieces of
dice that he eventually accumulated his own personal collection.
This is how he earned his infamous nickname that eventually was
combined with Loco which, was coined from the days spent in Ibiza
during the 90's... but that's another story.The streets of
Flingern in Dusseldorf and youth clubs were important during the
formative years, with a strong influence from hip hop culture -
from dancing to Beat Street and Michael Jackson, graffiti
tagging, to rapping in the 90's and touring with Ice Cube.
Already with a few releases under his belt, this brought him
recognition by the infamous Death Row Records who asked him to go
on tour with Snoop Dogg. The DJing came later through tireless
hours of searching for new music and practicing.

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