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1Techno.org - is a good place for everyday Techno "scene" downloads.

"The Scene" here means pretty unknown underground worldwide community where people share pirated music, movies, games, applications etc. Warez refers primarily to copyrighted material traded in violation of its copyright license. The Scene is meant to be hidden from the public, only being shared with those within the community.

The scene doesn't release their stuff on public websites. However, as files were commonly leaked outside the community and their popularity grew, some individuals from The Scene began leaking files and uploading them to file hosters, torrents, etc.

This place is dedicated to Techno music releases. We publish new (0day) Techno scene* releases, starting from 2018.

* to get non scener techno FLAC releases - visit FLACAttack

For hardcore gabba downloads visit 1gabba.pw - an ultimate source for hardcore-hardstyle music

People asked a lot about House music, where to grab the newest House albums? And now we know - visit ZHouse.org - trusted and secure place for anonymous House music downloads. Daily updates, megapacks, you won't be disappointed.

The Scene's techno genre includes all variety of techno subgenres: Minimal, Hard Techno, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Tekstyle, Acid etc

This site doesn’t host any files but it is a place where visitors will be directed to other useful places on the web, like HitFile.net

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